Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bike shows

Hippykiller Hoedown was a blast. We had a great time.I would like to thank Kutty and all the Notebooms, and Lisa & Duane Ballard for making this a blast,and letting me be a part of it. So I was lucky enuf to be one of the artist to make a trophy and get to pick the winner, In which it was very hard they all were nice but I went ahead and gave my trophy-beltbuckle to the Bornfree knucklehead it was flawless in my opinion. So when it was all said and done I actualy won award myself. I dont no how to say how much of a honor it was to receive a award from the legendary Freddy Hernadez (Freds Frames) who helped start all of this chopper stuff with Denver Mullins way back.I hand make all my own springers and frames so thats why this award means so much to me. Thanks alot!!

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